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Name: Mommies Secret HD Version
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 10.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:14:38
Size (MB): 632 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Step-Mommy walks into the room and see's that her stepson is sad. His sisters have just gone off to college leaving him behind since he could not pass the college entrance exam. She consoles him and tells him he's lucky because he will never have to worry about going to college or girls or the other headaches of adult life because she has a secret. He was actually a "designer baby" that she had genetically engineered in China. Step-Mommy wanted to make sure she always had her little stepson to take care of and coddle even after her daughters grew up and left. She chose to have him genetically modified to stop growing both physically and mentally at the age of 10. Now he is a shy little 18-year-old man who will never be able to take care of himself. He would need his step-mommy to take care of him always. (lots of intimate talking, kissing, and cuddling, as she explains all this to him)

Things Are Changing
She decides it's time to have a serious talk about how things will be now. She gets a chair and sits next to him.
She explains now that it's just the two of them things are going to change. She can focus all her attention on him and transform him into her perfect little boy.
From now on there will be firm discipline and new rules.
-No disobeying EVER.
-He must keep his room clean daily.
-She pulls out a diaper and describes how she will be diapering him every evening before bedtime since he's clearly not growing out of his bedwetting problem.
-She explains how she will now be spanking him whenever he is naughty. She knows he remembers how his sisters got spanked but as the baby of the family he always got special treatment.
All that ends now though!

The Spanking
She decides to show him she means business and asks him if he cleaned his room as instructed that morning.
He says yes but she is suspicious and goes to check.
She returns from his messy room and scolds him and sits down in her chair. She lectures him at length for not cleaning his room and why he has to be spanked and neatly pulls her dress up exposing her bare lap in preparation.
She makes him pull his pants down and scolds him some more but when she tells him to pull his underwear down he's too scared and embarrassed. She finally does it herself and shakes her head with disbelief when she see's his little erection.
Nonetheless, she is determined to give him this spanking.
She tells him to bend over her lap and gives him 10 spanks (clapping her hands together behind the camera to make a crisp spank sound)
Afterward, she makes him kiss her 'spanking hand' submissively.

Next, she tells him he also lied when he said he cleaned his room and for that, he will get the paddle on his bare bottom (some kind of small paddle, or a hairbrush or wooden spoon.) She goes to get it and then comes back and sits down. She gives him a stern lecture on lying and spanks him another 10 times (can probably just clap hands again for the paddle sound).

After the spanking, she consoles him and tells him all is forgiven. She's going to put his diaper on and he's going to bed early! But before she can diaper him he needs to get rid of that naughty erection.
He stands at her lap as she lovingly instructs him to rub his little penis until all that naughtiness comes out.

*** the second spanking implement can be a paddle, hairbrush, etc
***If you can have a little prop diaper she can hold that would be nice.
***The chair will hopefully be simple with no arms so the camera can stand beside her lap with a great view of her inviting thighs.
***I'm not sure if you can simulate the 'over her lap' part. It would be great if the camera could move across her lap and end up resting above her left thigh so the viewer feels he's being pulled over her lap.

Keywords: keri spectrum , age regression , giantess , spanking , joi , pov , 1080p , hd , 50fps
Status: Available