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Name: Waiting To Grow
Studio: Growth Dreams
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:12:30
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Waiting To Grow

The two girls walk into the holding room of the lab as they readjust their clothing and size each other up. Talking about the new experimental growth hormone therapy they had gone to. Comparing heights and general body proportions as they fantasize about how much cuter and bustier they will be in the coming weeks. As they stand and chat and giggle. Lydia stops and clears her throat wobbling a bit from vertigo. She stands confused before a jolt of energy surges through her. She yelps and moans a bit as her clothing gets tighter. Trying to swallow down the feeling as she looks concerned trying to find out what happened. Blondzilla continues the conversation unaware as Lydia tries to calm down and hold the feeling back. They continue as Lydia brings her hands up to her chest. She starts to hyperventilate as Blondzilla asks if she is alright. Lydia grimaces as she starts to groan. "Something's wrong. Help me" she groans and contorts her body. Before another surge hits her. Her body flings outward as she yelps. Her chest jutted forward against her shirt. Her ponytail falls and her hair falls down her shoulders as it grows unkempt. Her skirt and shirt strain against her as her feet inch inside her heels. Meanwhile, Blondzilla watches starstruck and baffled as she watches her friend grow. Talking about how big she is and how they weren't expecting this. Lydia tries to calm down as she struggles to move in her tight clothing. She tries calling for help to see if any of the experimenters are watching or can hear them. After no response, she sizes herself up. Running her hands across her body. "I guess this isn't too bad." I can still get close to being this... Tall... " She starts to trail off before her face turns to panic. Another surge hit her. She groans and moans through gritted teeth. Her face clasping shut from the pressure as she tries to hold it back. This time whimpering and starts to moan as she hears up. She grows again. Her chest burst through the top half of her clothes. Her leggings start to run as she falls to the ground. Her skirt tightened and hugged her legs. Her sleeves run up her body as she struggles to get back up due to the tightness of her growing. As they both panic and try to call for help Blondzilla stumbles and swallows down the pressure in her throat. The feeling builds as she starts to groan and then a yelp. Her growth hits much faster as she spurts up several inches at a time. She cussed and yelped and screams as she grows trying to hold it back. Her yoga pants raise up her legs. Hercrip jacket hugging her chest. As it starts to unzip. She braces against the wall for balance as she clasps her face and whimpers. "Fuck no please no" she grows again and again her crip top tearing off as her chest is seen swollen above her bra. Her yoga pants start to tear in the back. As her shoes pop off. She reaches a hand up touching the ceiling as she continues up. More and more tearing off as she screams for help and grunts. Her head hits the roof as she bends and leans forward trying to avoid bursting through Suddenly Lydia starts up again. Her growth hit in smaller spurts over and over again. She moans and climaxes as she gets bigger. Meanwhile still panicking and trying to stop. Her blouse bursts open as her skirt tears down her thighs. Another spurt sends them flying off. She tries to catch her breath as she takes a sharp inhale with the next spurt. Her blouse tearing down her back and falling off. Her skirt popped to the ground. Her leggings are rather off of her. She touches the ceiling. Her head spins to and through as she tries to stop. Her chest swells over her bra as it pops off. Lydia covering with a. And bra as her panties follows suit. "Don't look" as it pops off Lydia's covering with her other hand. Another spurt sends her head flying into the roof. She thinks she has stopped now that they are the same size but her face turns to panic as she feels another spurt. Her head presses further up as she begins to crouch down. Her body grows taller and taller as Blondzilla tries to squeeze for the room. Lydia falls to all 4s as her back presses up against the roof. Her feet planting against the wall as Blondzilla struggles to fit. "Stop growing" she screams as Lydia starts to crowd her. Lydia panics as Blondzilla starts to get crushed under Lydia's weight. Lydia groaned as she tries to hold it back unsuccessfully. Blondzilla falls to the floor underneath Lydia as Lydia bursts through the roof. Her feet burst out first through the side. Next her head through the ceiling before Lydia grows up in the city and she panics and tries to. Cover herself. Finally stopping at the tallest skyscraper. It fades out as it cuts to Blondzilla waking up and sitting up groaning in the rubble of the room as she lets out a small yelp. 
Status: Available