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Name: Reduced To Her Snack
Studio: The Queendom
Price: $ 11.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:12:13
Size (MB): 588 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: You've just finished checking in to the Giantess Hotel and arrived at your room. Of course, you've read the stories about this hotel on the giantess forums, but you couldn't resist booking a suite for a weekend and finding out for yourself. You go straight to the couch and, hoping to find more information about the hotel, turn on the TV. A bright light fills the room and you become disoriented, losing track of time as everything goes black. You're awaken by the sound of the door being opened and you see a beautiful woman walking in. You're still disoriented, but you quickly realize that you have actually been shrunk! Unfortunatley you don't have time to consider your new situation. The woman in your room walks straight to the couch, picks up the remote, and turns to sit down while standing above you! You quickly back up and avoid being butt crushed, only to find to find An Li looking down at you. You recognize An Li from her videos and in the back of your mind you know that you're in real danger. Mostly though you can't believe that not only were the stories about this hotel true, but you've been caught by a famous giantess! Seeing the mix of fear, confusion, and excitement on your face delights An Li and she enjoys explaining your situation to you. She wants you to know exactly why you're in her hand now and more importantly, what she plans to do to you. Simply put, she's going to eat you alive!

In a way you're lucky. Your situation is hopeless for sure, there's no way you can escape such an experienced man-eater, but you will be devoured by a famous Goddess who truly enjoys being a giantess. An Li doesn't want to rush this, she takes her time with you. Showing you her mouth and hungry belly as she talks to you about your short future as her snack. Whatever your life was before today doesn't matter to An Li, now you are nothing more than a snack to be eaten. "You see you checked in as a person, but the only way you'll check out is as my piece of ____!" she says with a laugh before pushing your entire body into her mouth. She talks to you as she rolls you around her mouth, savoring your salty flavor for a couple of minutes before finally gulping you down whole! The world goes black as you enter her stomach, but you can still hear An Li's voice above the sounds of her stomach digesting you (a 3rd person view of An Li fades in and out after brief darkness). She rubs and pats her tummy as she talks about what you're in for inside of her digestive track. Soon she loses interest in you though and decides to pick up more tiny men at the front desk. "No more snacks though, maybe I'll get a foot bitch." An Li says. She walks out of the room and forgets about you, leaving you to to slowly digest alone inside her stomach.
Status: Available