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Name: Nightmare No Escape
Studio: GiantessZone Clips
Price: $ 13.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:12:36
Size (MB): 970 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 2048 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: This is af nightmare that a guy had about his old teacher ( Sahrye ) when he was at school.
He dreams about being in class alone with her, he is quite afraid of her because she is so much bigger and dominant than him.

The class begins and she first starts by asking him some questions, those questions are supposed to be easy but he is so stressed that he fails every time. And every question he fails he shrinks a bit further. This doesn't please her and after many failures, she orders him to stand up in front of her while she sits down (he is now around half of her size). She crosses her legs to have one of her boots in front of his face. She is authoritative and she is looking down ready to humiliate him for being so slow and stupid, she also makes him understand that he is small and that she knows that it scares him. He probably hopes he will wake up soon from this nightmare but she makes him understand that she is in charge of his dream and she won't let him wake up until she is done with him. He tells her that this is impossible and that she can't have so much power over him. She orders him to silence while she stands up, he is so afraid that he shuts up. She smirks watching him being so afraid of her while she hasn't even started to toy with him yet. She wants to show him how insignificant he is, "Well it's time to start the lesson". She snaps, then suddenly he is in the middle of the street, all alone. We can hear her sadistic laugh in the distance while hearing booming footsteps. (The view is in the third person now and we can see him in the middle of the street) We have a shot of a car parked on the street, everything seems normal, then a giant boots steps just behind the car (so we have a good idea of the size comparison). We are back on the guy who appears from behind a building, the giant teacher, standing in front of him in the distance, laughing, towering over the city. The man starts to run away and hide wherever he can. "So you want to play hide and seek, very well, I'm coming" She starts to walk around the city (we have different shots and POV of her walking around and him, hiding behind a car). She is in total control, she knows where he is but she is just playing, she even picks up a car not far from him to see if he is inside. At her size, she is just toying with him. After a moment, we have a shot of him, hiding behind a small building, begging she won't find him. But, above him, he hears "Here you are". She finds him, She grabs the small little man, terrorized next to her boot with her fingers. He is at her mercy. "How dare you run away from your teacher without permission, I think you deserve some detention mister..." She snaps her fingers again. They are back in the class, but he is still super small hanging between her fingers. She sits down and takes off one of her boots. "You've been a very naughty boy and naughty boy deserves detention in a special place" She drops him inside and tells him that he better run to the bottom of the boot if he doesn't want to get crushed. She puts back on her boot and walks away. "Don't worry, we will resume class after that and I hope you will learn your lesson this time".
Status: Available