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Name: Zoey & Keri - This world is ours again
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 15.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:23:19
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Zoey still loves her tiny boyfriend Sean. She is seen laying in a field next to cities holding him in her hand talking about how cute he is while kissing him and casually picking up people from a nearby city as snacks and eating them. This would include the normal third-person views and some POV views as she kisses him and remarks about how yummy the tiny people are. At this time the military musters a large Army to attack Zoey again. She places her boyfriend in a safe place before slowly rolling over to deal with the military. She finger crushes tanks and infantry, licks up and swallows hundreds of army men, and even catches probably half a dozen helicopters with her mouth and swallows them with the occupants inside. This military Army is larger than last time and she stands up to start stepping on the massive army men. The Air Army starts attacking as well and she gets annoyed swatting planes. At this time, Keri Tampa appears with a big smile on her face. Zoey at first is shocked but Keri Tampa explains how she worked for the government on the growth project and they were planning on growing the military to help fight Zoey and her boyfriend. Luckily, Keri Tampa saw Zoey and her little boyfriend on TV and thought they were cute together and wanted to grow gigantic herself and join them. She stole the technology from the government and made sure they would never be able to use the technology themselves, but she needs Zoey's help to eradicate most of the military and government leaders who know about the project. Zoey happily agrees, but they need to finish destroying the military fighting them currently first. Keri and Zoey begin working together trapping the Air Army between them, laughing as they catch planes with their mouths making a game of it. After destroying the Air Army they divert their attention to what's left of the Army beneath. They start stepping on army men with their bare feet before narrowing down the Armies to one area. They lay down on both sides smiling at the screaming, terrified army underneath. They begin finger crushing, boob crushing, then finally begin licking up the survivors. Zoey and Keri keep licking until their tongues meet in the middle catching the last of the troops. They smile at each other with the military in their mouths before they start kissing, sharing the hundreds of screaming troops on their tongues before each swallowing them. Zoey takes Sean and shows him to Keri who remarks how cute he is and how amazing he is for growing his girlfriend into a goddess. The camera shifts to POV as Zoey and Keri have a city between their faces that they sexily play with crushing and eating people as well as buildings while taking turns holding Sean. They do all this while kissing each other and kissing their tiny boyfriend. They eventually destroy the entire city and Keri remarks how they need to destroy Washington DC. Zoey and Keri smile and give their boyfriend a kiss then kiss each other before standing up to their full height and walking to DC. They get to DC and immediately target the Pentagon. Keri sees the military leadership and their staff trying to run away and She lays down and begins licking them into her mouth, making sure they can't escape with her fingers. Zoey finds a plane trying to fly away from the airport and catches it between her fingertips. She brings the plane to her mouth to eat's it then proceeds to butt crush the entire city building. Zoey and Keri then come together on the White House and capitol building where they have fun speaking cutely to the government as they crush and eat them. After DC is destroyed, Keri lays on top of some cities pulling Zoey on top of her. They pick up Sean and remark how happy they are for being so gigantic and how much they love him as their tiny man. Keri places him on her lips as Zoey leans in and kisses her with Sean between them. They then place Sean in a safe place before Keri and Zoey kiss each other, rolling their bodies on top of buildings crushing the last of buildings and people under them. Zoey picks up Sean and places him in Keri's breasts as she remarks "The World is Ours" as they smile and go to sleep.

Keywords: pov, MEGA, Giantess, Keri Spectrum, Zoey, feet, boob crush, ass crush, sfx, booms, shakes
Status: Available