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Name: Creeper Gets shrunk, beaten and crushed 2
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 9.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:09:32
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: This is the 10 minute sequel to the "Ceeper Gets Shrunk". You're secretly creeping on Sahrye as she prepares for a day of shooting using your cell phone camera. You keep shoving the phone into all your favorite fetish places (boobs,ass,bellybutton,feet) every chance Sahrye gives you the angle to do so as she goes as she moves around going about her routine to get ready claiming that you're using the phone to figure out the best angles for the shoot but Sahrye knows better so she takes your phone. We watch pov style as she takes your phone and records its demise sticking it deep between her ass cheeks and crushes it claiming that if you're going to be a perv, do it like a man not with a camera. ( The classic glitch break here would be awesome where we hear the crunch and have the footage go to black or static). The pov then goes to the normal go pro as the viewer. Sahrye tricks the camera into thinking she's flattered by you wanting to perv on her, after all what's not to like about her curves. She tells you it wouldn't be worth perving though unless she allows you to get up close and personal with them to satisfy your fetishes and she slowly starts shrinking the camera to different levels (chest level, waist level, ass level, and last all the way down) aggressively teasing it with all those fetishes at every level. The camera is concerned about it slowly getting smaller and how aggressive Sahrye is being but she slyly tricks you into believing it only FEELS violent because of the height disadvantage. As the camera continues to shrink Sahrye continues to turn up the heat on her aggression to to the point where the camera becomes so overwhelmed it's frantically asks Sahrye if she's mad at it to which Sahrye angrily laughs and replies along the lines of "Duh, what woman would be flattered by a creepy perv like you." She informs the camera that pervs like you don't deserve to learn from their mistakes as she starts to end the camera's life smothering it with her bellybutton and crushing it with her boobs and feet. The camera desperately pleads for its life and relentlessly apologizes for its behavior but its way to late for that. The last moments of the camera's pathetic life are between Sahrye's ass cheeks as she lays on her stomach in 3 different views. Face down between her cheeks , sideways watching her cheeks smash against the camera, and up towards the ceiling watching her ass cheeks swallow up the sunlight. Please have Sahrye tease the camera both standing up, and laying down throughout the pov, force body exploration, and have her force the camera to climb and worship her body both front and back. Pasties and thong attire, and if you could please have a 30 second to one minute freestyle part before the start of the pov where she just says " Hi Vito, get ready to fantasy of your life as she teases me with those fetishes I would really like that.

Sahrye, pov, giantess, shrinking, booty, ass, feet, cleavage
Status: Available