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Name: Clone Experiment
Studio: Growth Dreams
Price: $ 13.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:14:37
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 2048 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Scene 1
Begin with Lydia in an office in professional attire sitting down facing the camera. She speaks to the camera about how she’s been selected to participate in a cloning experiment and all she had to do was give some of her hair. She’s interested in the experiment because she believes that her life would be made easier by having 2 of her. Have her talk about her excitement and how her clone will be ready in a few weeks.

Scene 2
Put on the screen something like “One month later”. Lydia (in professional office attire) is coming home from a long day at work and opens the door to enter her home. There she is shocked to find her clone, a “nude” giantess that is crammed inside sitting crisscross, Normal Lydia starts to freak out, asking what’s going on. Clone Lydia explains that she’s the clone from the experiment a month ago, and since she’s her clone she has all her thoughts and memories, so she knows the code to get in. Normal Lydia relaxes a bit, then realizes how big her clone is. She asks why her clone is so large. Clone Lydia responds something like “Well, clones are only able to do and perform anything their DNA host is able to do. That means that you have this ability too. When I was sitting here waiting, I just started growing and I didn’t know how to stop, or shrink back down. I was going to ask you. Do you not know you can grow?”
Normal Lydia pauses to digest the information she just received. “I can…. grow?”
Clone Lydia: “Apparently. I’d like to shrink down now, I’ve been getting cramps from being crammed in here all day”

Clone Lydia begins to focus to shrink, only to grow even more. She breaks through the ceiling as Normal Lydia freaks out.

Scene 3
The scene changes to Clone Lydia standing through the ceiling of the house in the middle of a city.

She looks around and is impressed with her new size. She then started walking around the city, creating disturbances and chaos with every step she takes. She picks up someone and holds them really close to her face, saying something and eats them. She continues through the city. She picks up a car and rubs it all over her

(Using FX people) Include a shot where she’s in the position below, looking forward at the tiny people, examining them closely. She says something like “humans are so weak and pathetic” before crushing them with her hand. Zoom in on her face close to the ground as she’s talking to a tiny that pales in comparison to the size of her head.

Also include a shot from the perspective of inside a skyscraper with her face taking up the whole window. The whole time she’s boasting about how easy it is to cause all this destruction and chaos.

Scene 4
The scene changes to Normal Lydia, mortified at what her clone is doing, trying to think of how she can stop her. She remembers what her clone told her, about how clones can only have the abilities from where their DNA was cloned from, meaning that she too can grow. She focuses really hard and starts growing, shredding her office clothes off until she is “nude”. She’s excited, exclaiming something like “Oh my gosh, it’s working! I’m growing!” She grows and grows and grows until she’s the size below. As she’s growing, she grows past her clone, who stops rampaging to look in awe as Normal Lydia grows past her.

She looks down for her clone (FX Lydia) and picks her up, holding her. Have a shot with Normal Lydia’s whole body in frame and holding her clone before zooming in to her face and hand.

Normal Lydia begins to belittle her clone, saying stuff like “you really thought you could outdo your creator? You’re nothing without me, remember that.” Add some more dialogue about how annoying her clone has become, but how this ended up being a good thing since she was able to discover her new power. She mentions how she still doesn’t know how to shrink, so this is her life now, or maybe she’ll just get bigger. She then crushes her clone in her fist. She looks around and says something like “I should probably shrink now, I’ve probably crushed thousands of people and several cities” with a smirk on her face. She concentrates and ends up growing again. She wants to be annoyed but can’t hide her pleasure. She grows until she’s the size of the planet.
Status: Available