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Name: Willing Pet
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:12:48
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Section 1: (POV) Zoey explains her disbelief to the camera that Wes would want to throw away their friendship to be her shrunken pet. She warns him that once he’s little they won’t be friends, she’ll be able to do anything she wants to him. Wes still wants to shrink so she kisses the camera and it drops to the floor. She squats down and shakes her head. She’s disappointed Wes threw away their friendship to be her ass slave. She can tell Wes doesn’t want to be her ass slave but she’s always wanted one and it didn’t have to be him but... he wanted to be her pet and this is the price! The camera tries to run away but Zoey blocks it with her heels, each time she says “nope” “nuh uh” “not that way” or other condensing things. She angrily says “come here” and quickly picks up the camera, face, and cleavage in view.

Section 2: Zoey says that’s enough running, he begged to be her pet, remember? She reaches down and picks the camera up then puts it in her cleavage and asks if Wes is excited. She plays with her breasts while saying it doesn’t matter what he wants, her big ass cheeks want him and he begged to be shrunk. She owns him so now he’s going to spend the rest of his life deep in her ass and she can’t wait! She imagines an ass slave would squirm a lot since it’s pretty hot and dark in there, who wouldn’t want to escape that. Hmmm, will Wes squirm? He did ask to be her pet so maybe not? Zoey wants to find out how much he CAN squirm. She picks the camera from her cleavage, smiles, and licks it.

Section 3: Zoey raised the camera above her head with her mouth open and pretends to eat Wes. Saying he tastes good but really she wants to know how much he can squirm. He squirms so much in her hand that she finally stops pretending and laughs. She says she needs him to wiggle like this for her ass. She knew he was a squirmer! She really can’t wait now! She lays down, raises her feet above her ass, and sets the camera on her foot. She rubs her ass and taunts Wes about how much her ass wants his tiny body. While the camera is on her foot, it looks down at her ass as she rubs it. She says if he’s thirsty he should drink her sweat. She makes fun of his new life more.

Section 4: Zoey grabs the camera from her foot and holds it in front of her face as she lays on her stomach, propped up by her elbows, her face, body, and cleavage are in view. She holds the camera tightly with both hands and she sways her legs back and forth as she talks. She says the only question left is if she should have Wes's waist-deep in her asshole or neck-deep in her asshole. Each has its benefits, if he’s waist deep she can feel his body grind with each step. Maybe even feel his arms push against her cheeks in his feeble attempt to escape. But if he’s neck deep in her asshole his whole body squirming would feel better. And with every step, her big cheeks would smother his tiny little face. She debates with herself and goes back and forth on what to do while the camera struggles and wiggles in her hands. She laughs and decides she wants Wes waist-deep in her asshole… for now. She laughs and brings the camera around to her ass, places the camera on her ass cheek and lifts her bikini bottom from her crack, asking Wes to walk into his home and accept his new life. The camera slides in and the screen cuts to black.

Section 5: Zoey reaches into her bikini bottoms to make sure Wes is waist-deep in his new home. She stands up and plays with her hair and looks at her ass, swaying her hips slowly while talking about how Wes is never coming out. He’s her ass slave now, just like he wanted. She praises Wes for his squirming, it feels great. But then she realizes he’s trying to escape her ass. Angrily, she reaches into her bikini bottom to grab Wes.

Section 6: She reaches into her ass, and the camera is back to POV. She brings Wes out of her bikini, around to her face (face and cleavage in frame). She looks mad then sighs and smiles and with a cold and calm tone asks if he wants out and if it’s too tight for him in there because she can show him tight. She then explains how she will pinch his head, suck on him to get him wet, pull her ass cheeks apart and slide his tiny wet body inside her asshole to his neck this time. Ex.)Zoey: “Ok Wes. Do you want out? Do you want to wiggle and squirm your legs out of my asshole and escape? Is it too cramped for you down there? Huh? Are my soft cheeks too tight for you? I’ll show you tight Wes. I’m going to pinch your head with my thumb and finger and stick your body in my mouth for a few seconds to lick you all over. If you’re lucky I’ll even lick that tiny dick of yours. Once you’re nice and wet, I’m going to pull you through my lips, nice. And. Slow. I’ll reach around to my ass and pull down my pants. And your little pet? Your little body gets to head home, but it won’t stop at my waist. No, my little slave, my finger will keep pushing on your head, slowly pushing you deeper and deeper until my asshole wraps around your neck. You’ll try to get out, but I’ll just let go of my booty cheeks and they’ll close around your head. I’ll flex my ass a few times though, just to choke you a bit. A reminder of who owns who. Then I’ll pull my bikini bottoms up and make sure it’s nice and tight so the fabric rests on your tiny little head. And Wes, I just decided you’ll be inside my asshole from now on. It’ll be impossible to escape with those little arms pinned inside my body and my asshole wrapped tightly around your neck! Not to mention I can choke you whenever I feel you need a reminder of who’s in charge.” She smiles, “Well, you ready Wes? No? Good.” She pinches the camera with her finger and thumb and raises it above her head. She tilts her head back, “I like it when you squirm.” She opens her mouth and slowly lowers the camera down.

Section 7: Have the camera on her lower lip so the view is looking up to her eyes. After 10 seconds, she slowly pulls the camera back up and raises it over her head again. She slowly brings the camera to her cleavage and then around to her ass. She pulls her thong out of the way and slowly brings the camera to her crack.

Section 8: When the camera touches her ass, switch to a view of her whole body, arching her back, finger, and thumb between her cheeks and pushing him in. She laughs, shakes her hips, and says now her ass can slap him any time he’s acting up. She squeezes her ass and says that she controls when Wes breathes. If he licks her asshole, he gets air. If not... It’s just perfect. She loves how her cheeks grind Wes’s body with each step she takes and dares him to try and wiggle out now. She would love to feel that! She asks if he loves it too – of course, he does. She says being her ass slave suits him. Ex.) Zoey: “See, now I can slap you with my cheeks when you act up. I even control when you breathe, watch *flex her ass*. Yup, this is your new home, Wes. Your body in my tight asshole, unable to move, my soft, yummy cheeks pressed against your head for the rest of your life, grinding it with each step I take. It doesn’t get much better than this for you my slave, you’re home. I dare you to escape this, just try and wiggle out, I love how it feels! Being my ass slave suits you.”

Section 9: She sits on the couch and says “oops!” And laughs. She bends down to adjust her heels and stands back up. She reaches a hand back into her ass and feels around for a bit. Wes popped all the way inside her asshole. She laughs at him and asks if he wants to stay there. No? Well, that’s the last time she pulls his head out today, she needs to go to class and swim some laps. So if Wes pops inside while she sits down that’s too bad. In fact, before she gets in the pool he might just want to wiggle all the way inside her anyway if he doesn’t want to get smooshed. For now, Wes will just stay neck-deep in her asshole. She asks if he wants her to pop his little head the rest of the way in now or if he will lick her ass as a slave should. “Good boy, lick your goddess’s ass and drink my sweat. Welcome home little Wesy, and get ready, we swim first.” She laughs and walks slowly out of frame. 
Status: Available