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Name: A Giantess Needs Love
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 13.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:27:31
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: (The PoV Camera is located at the top of one of the buildings in the city. Sorta in the center of the city setup.)

A Giantess enters the city, looking sexier than ever and begins to rampage. She starts by walking around the city, taking great pleasure in just how giant she is. She enjoys the sensation of her booming footsteps as they shake the city, taking her time as she strolls through the streets. She begins to get aroused by her own size, and takes a moment to fondle her breasts as she enjoys the carnage she is causing.

Before long, the military arrives to slay the monstrous woman. They attack her, but she is already so giant that nothing can harm her sexy body. The giantess enjoys dismantling the army, until one lucky missile manages to strike her crotch in the right place. The sudden influx of pleasure causes the giantess to orgasm as she is standing there trying to crush her attackers. The giantess is brought to her knees by the earth-shaking orgasm, and she moans that she must be going into heat.

The now lust-addled giantess searches the city for a lover, but everyone is so small compared to her, which only adds fuel to her fire. Soon, the giantess mounts a building, grinding and humping it between her legs in an attempt to satisfy herself. She reaches another orgasm, but fails to reach true satisfaction. She needs to find someone to love. Her body demands it.

The horny giantess rises back to her feet, still in the throes of her lust and walks around the city, searching for a companion, but most of the little humans have already fled or were crushed earlier in her rampage. She then notices me (PoV Camera) on the roof of one of the buildings.

Each slow, sensuous step she takes towards the building shakes the city with a booming tremor. Soon, the giantess towers over the building, looking down at me as I stand there, watching her. She kneels down with a colossal boom and notices that I am rock hard in my pants. She likes what she sees and decides to claim me as her new lover. She spends a few moments seducing me with her giant body.

The giantess gives me a bit of a show as she plays with her breasts, leaning against the building and letting her breasts smash into the roof I am standing on. After a bit of this, the giantess is now more aroused than ever and she reaches down and picks me up in her hand.

She carries me around the city as she gets off on how big she is and how her footsteps cause booming tremors below. Knowing that I found her size extremely attractive, she teases me constantly due to the size difference between us.

After a while of strolling through the city, the giantess decides to give me a colossal titty-fuck, bringing us both to another orgasm. The giantess is loving every minute of our new relationship, and decides to give me a blowjob while she recovers from her last climax. I am brought to her lips, where she proceeds to lick and kiss me, every touch giving her more and more pleasure.

Soon, the giantess loses control of her sexual-cravings and stomps around the city, looking for a building to fuck. She carries me in her hand, kissing me while she humps and grinds against a few buildings, eager for her own release. She finds one to her liking and proceeds to hump it erotically. Her orgasm destroys the building, but the giantess isn’t done yet. She wants more.

She gets a naughty idea in her head and places me onto the roof of a building. She towers over me and the building, straddling us between her legs. She sits down, giving me unfettered access to her great crotch. She wants me to climb onto her pussy and fuck her while she grinds the building between her thighs. I do as commanded, riding the waves of her pleasure until she orgasms, shaking the building that was her toy.

Exhausted from all her orgasms, the giantess stands up to her full height, fondling herself as she looks down at me. She reaches down and picks me back up, thanking me for satisfying her and claiming me as her new boyfriend. She kisses me a few times, taking pleasure in our size differences as she takes a few laps around the city. She admires her handiwork, getting aroused once more.

She places me down in the middle of the street and towers over me. She teases me with her platform high heels, taking great pleasure in just how giant she is. Soon, her teasing becomes more erotic as she picks me up and compares me to various parts of her body. After a bit of this foreplay, the giantess is ready and raring to go once more.

She dangles me above her mouth, sticking out her tongue as if she is going to devour me. Instead, she commands me to cum for her, indicating that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. She begs me for cum as she dangles me over her gaping maw. She pleads for my cum, as it is the only thing that seems to be satisfying her body’s cravings. I lose my load, the tiny drops of my cum landing on her great tongue. The giantess smiles and moans as she tastes my seed, before she lowers me back down to her cleavage.

She gives me one more colossal breast fuck to cement our love and then leaves me in her cleavage as she stomps out of the city, happy to have found someone that can pleasure her giant body. Her next plan is marriage, but she needs a new city to perform the marriage ritual in. She tells me to rest and recover my strength, because the marriage ritual will be very taxing, for the both of us.

- Be sure your device is able to play 6K h265 vr360 video (Quest 2 or better)
- 4K regular version available

- For the part with the army you would only see her back from the VR camera on the roof so I added a second regular pov camera on the floor and made it into a newcast on the giant billboard that is on the roof with you so you can see all the action by turning around.

Status: Available