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Name: Power Struggle - Part 1
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 14.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:25:18
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 2048 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: The story follows two wrestlers Keri Spectrum and Mia Hope. However, one wrestler always gets the upper hand over the other when they match up. In a 9min Match, The dominant wrestler berates the other wrestler for being so weak and powerless against her. In response to this, the weaker wrestler teams up with one of the brightest scientists in the world who is working on a formula that will make her stronger and more formidable. The weaker wrestler drinks the formula, hoping that it will allow her to become more powerful and a better opponent. However, as expected, the formula had some side effects. Keri begins to grow and stops at normal giantess height. She is amazed and confused at first. She makes her way around the city and accidentally steps on some people/cars. Upon doing this, she realizes that she IS more powerful now and starts to enjoy her new size. Now Keri is hell-bent on finding Mia who always beats her so that she can be the dominant one. I would love some "Fe Fi Fo Fun" dialogue with this. While looking for her, she is confronted by the army command. "You guys wouldn't stand a chance against a normal giant woman... let alone someone who is also a strong professional wrestler!" The giantess easily defeats the Military and continues her search. The stronger wrestler from before is frantically searching for clues on how to get bigger and finds out who the weaker wrestler was working with to get bigger and stronger. This wrestler confronts the scientist and seduces him into creating another, even stronger formula. The scientist does this and is the stronger wrestler is getting ready to drink it. However, the weaker wrestler (who is currently the giantess) finds her. She is going to crush the stronger wrestler (who isn't a giantess yet) but she drank the new formula just in time. The formula hasn't kicked it yet so the giantess picks her up and is holding her in her hand, ready to crush her. However, the formula does kick in and the stronger wrestler starts to grow. The weaker wrestler (the first giantess) is ready for a fight, assuming the new giantess will stop at her height. However, she is mortified to see that she is continuing to grow to MEGA size.

This Video ends here and a MEGA Video with MIA crushing Keri and then crushing 5 cities will be the theme of Part 2.

The first 9min is a non-giant fantasy wrestling match. The Giantess part is around 16min long
Status: Available