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Name: Triple Growth Bad Science 2
Studio: Growth Dreams
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:13:41
Size (MB): 2 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 4096 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Jordana is a scientist who’s been secretly working on a potion that makes her a few inches taller she grabs the tube and hopes for the best and takes a sip and waits to see what happens but nothing happens so she takes another sip and still no results so she decides to just finish it off After finishing it results finally begin to show as the potion begins to make a bubbling sound as Jordana turns her attention to her feet as they slowly begin to tighten in her heels as her straps start undoing themselves above her ankles and her toes push against the front straps and her shirt sleeves and pant legs slightly raise After seeing how much she has grown Jordana decides that a few more inches wouldn’t hurt so she takes out the second tube and immediately drinks the entire potion but little did she know was that she was going to get a lot more than a few inches She begins to feel strange as the bubbling gets louder and faster as the growing suddenly gets out of hand as her shirt and pants start to rise even more and feet free themselves from her heels the buttons on her shirt and pants undo themselves and begin ripping off Jordanas body and her glasses fall to the floor leaving only her bra and underwear left while those also get tighter on her eventually popping off and leaving a naked Jordana pressed against her ceiling The next day after having a relaxing bath Jordana paces around wondering how the potion effects trigger or if it will happen again and right on cue she begins to feel strange again and the bubbling returns as her robe starts getting tighter and rising and unties itself in front Jordana completely removes the robe off of her body to avoid any damage to it as her body continues growing her bikini gets tighter and tighter on her revealing more and more of her boobs and butt as she grows until they both pop off and leave her against the ceiling A few days pass before her third interaction with the potion as Jordana is sitting on her couch texting a friend but she doesn’t feel or hear that the bubbling returns again and her feet begin to slowly grow out of her heels and they loosen her straps Jordana gets thirsty and stands up but feels that somethings off she looks down at her feet and sees that her toes are hanging over her heels and immediately puts together what’s happening as the bubbling starts again the button to her shorts undo themselves and start ripping her shirt begins ripping as well and her feet free themselves from her heels as all of Jordana’s ripped clothing falls to the floor and her bra and underwear begin to get tighter on her eventually falling off as well leaving Jordana pressed against her ceiling again
Status: Available