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Name: Sahrye in Cuckold under my shoe
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 9.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:15:05
Size (MB): 714 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: I come home from work to find you talking to your lover on the phone, a mutual friend of ours. You look at me with an evil smile and say something like "well, you had to find out sooner or later". You then explain you've been having an affair and now you're going to end me. You grab the "remote control" and zap me - I start shrinking. You then walk over to me, look down at me and humiliate me a little. You're still on the phone to your new boyfriend and say something like "let's get it over with, I'm gonna crush him" and you lift your foot, hovering it over me for a few seconds before bringing it down slowly. Just as it is about to touch me, you say "wait, I don't actually want to touch you, I think I'll crush you with my new high heels that you bought me the other day". You slip on some sexy heels then look down at me and humiliate me, saying how you never loved me and you only wanted my money. You tell me you've imagined what it would be like to crush me - to feel my bones break under your foot and hear me beg you to end it all. You wonder how you will get me to beg you to be crushed. You throw some ideas around with your boyfriend and settle on making me a cuck and making me watch you both later that night. It works and I am begging to be crushed after hearing that which is hilarious and pathetic to you. You then talk to your boyfriend on the phone and describe what you're doing - lifting your leg up as high as you can, deciding what to crush first - you think a leg. You then bring your foot down (so that it is in front of the camera and your face and while body is still in shot) twist your foot for a few seconds and saying "I can feel it cracking...there, it's gone".. Then repeat for other leg and an arm all the while getting more sexually excited as I crush... If you could masturbate yourself while crushing me that would be marvelous! Finishing shot. You ask me one last time if I'm sure I want this. I say yes and you humiliate me a little more. You maintain eye contact and full body shot as I'm crushed to nothing: You are standing over me looking down. You slowly raise your foot as high as you can, keeping eye contact with the camera. You say "I left you one arm so you can come as I crush you". You say, "I'll give you just ten seconds" and you raise your foot and count back from 10. You also tease me your ass and mockingly cheer me on. At Zero, your foot comes down slowly to cover the camera and start twisting. Then after a second or two, slide your foot off to the side and in front of the camera so your whole leg and body and face is visible and continue grinding slowly while you look right into the camera Maybe twist a few times to show off your butt. 

Keywords: pov, Sahrye, shrinking, cuckold, shoes, feet, ass
Status: Available