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Name: The Weary Wanderer
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 9.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:10:00
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Part 1- I (David) come to Sahrye's (a witch/sorceress) cottage after being scared by something in the forest. After she welcomes me in and finds out my name, she asks why I have come. After I explain how I got scared and found her cottage, I ask for her help to hide me from the danger in the forest. After some initial reluctance, she agrees only if I agree to whatever help she decides to give me, no matter what it is. Once I agree, she explains she will use her magic to shrink me down in order to hide me from the monsters outside. After I ask how small she intends to shrink me, she explains it will be small enough for me to fit in the palm of her hand. She goes on to explain once the danger has passed, she will un-shrink me and send me on my way. After I agree, she, with a mischievous grin on her face, brings her hands up, magically waves them in front of me, utters a "shrinking" chant then snaps her fingers, causing me to shrink to about 12" tall. (Camera angle for this part is POV with as much of a full-body shot of her as possible-from head to toe). Part 2 - I am now standing on a small table in front of her, having been magically transported there after being shrunk. Sahrye slowly walks over to me, leans down, and slowly reaches for me with her right hand, slowly encircling my body with her fingers and thumb until I'm grasped in her closed fist. She comments how I'm trying to evade her hand but there's no escape, nowhere for me to go, and reminds me I agreed to this. She brings me up to her face and giggles softly as she feels me try to squirm and wriggle within her grasp. (Camera angle for this part is 3rd person with the requested doll standing on the table in front of Sahrye. As she crouches down and reaches for the doll, the camera is behind her so her hand is visible as it reaches for and wraps around me. The camera slowly moves around her as she lifts the doll to her face, showing different angles of her holding it). Part 3 - Sahrye now tells me a little secret. There was never any danger in the forest. Using her magic, she saw me walking in the woods and just had to have me for herself. So she created the illusion of monsters to scare me and motivate me to come to seek her for help. From the moment she saw me outside, she wanted to shrink me and hold me in the palm of her hand. Now that she has me right where she wants me, she's going to keep me shrunk as her little witch's toy. While still holding me in her hand, she gets a small cage and places me inside until she wants to take me out later and play with me. (Camera angle for this part begins POV with her hand in front of her face with the top of her thumb visible at the bottom of the screen as if I'm being held in her closed fist. The camera angle shifts back to 3rd person as she places the doll inside the cage).
Status: Available