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Name: Into the net-shoe: Unaware - SFX
Studio: Hebrew Giantess
Price: $ 15.00
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:12:00
Size (MB): 715 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: The unware video of your dreams.

You are terrified, and yet ever so excited. you managed to finally fulfill your deepest fantasy, and shrink yourself down to the size of a bug. now you can sneak into the house of the gorgeous girl you were infatuated with for ages, Sofi. Imagine sneaking into her house and watching her tower over you, making the very earth shake as she walks by without ever noticing your puny figure. imagine getting so close to her massive, wiggling toes, the scent almost overwhelms you.

Imagine climbing onto her enormous net-shoe and sneak into the toe section...just before she starts wiggling her toes in!

Imagine the view. imagine getting so turned on you cannot help yourself, you just take your pants off and jerk off on the spot, without Sofi realizing that you are down there, right next to her toes.

Now stop imagining. get this video, and actually experience it!

ground shakes
foot fetish
Pure Unaware giantess theme
Extreme pov (using a unique camera lens)
Status: Available