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Daina evening gts bonus POV clip

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Daina evening gts bonus POV clip
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Description :    

awesome goddess Dania came back to her expensive residence, and down under her awfully sweaty toes, on the fabric of her well-worn dancing shoes - is a micro man! this is a guy that tried to hit on her and sexually harassed her at the dancing party -so now he will pain and suffer! Dania tortures his ass and you get to view it all through the glass table, and super-camera-close-ups! her toes and feet are so filthy - you can almost smell them from the screen! eventually - Dania will eat his ass with a chocolate bar. clip speaks Hebrew with English subs. included with this clip is also a short, 3 minutes sexy POV giantess clip with goddess Dania!


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