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A dream come true special effects epic

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A dream come true special effects epic
Running Time:
19 minutes

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Description :    

this is without any doubt one of the sexiest, best giantess/shrinking special-effects epic ever made by GSF(thus, ever made). working together yet again with the gorgeous, stunning, divine, sexy and talented goddess celine to bring you another masterpiece. beautiful celine comes home from college, a sexy, young female on her hot flip-flops. as she sits down to study, she dangles her sexy feet, talking to herself about some guy at college that is infatuated with her, and more over - with her perfectly pedicured feet! celine have no idea that this guy is so deeply into his fetish with her - he stole a shrinking formule from the lab and used it...on hymself! he is now hiding under her bed, gazing at the perfect subject of his deepest dreams! he cannot resist...he must get closer to her feet... there is one little problem - if he gets too excited, and could not hold himself from cumming - he will shrink even more!!! a dream come true is indeed a dream come true for any giantess/shrinking/feet fan! you'll LOVE it! unaware, which turns into very much aware video, with awesome scenes and camera shot involving celine's beautiful feet, flip-flops, and face. shrinking(till micro), finger-held, a new edition of comic-style bubbles showing the tiny man's thoughts & saying, and tons of drive-you-crazy feet & toes scenes! and celine is speaking ENGLISH, off course! the clip is also available in HD quality at our hd studio - 19598


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