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lisa is a badass nyloned student

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lisa is a badass nyloned student
Running Time:
24 minutes

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Description :    

new amazing goddess lisa(new actress on gsf's house!) coming back home, looking hot and sluty with her black nylons. under her perfect, huge, red-painted, nylon covered toes she got her poor, miserable micro-sized teacher!!! he failed the wrong student in the exam, and now lisa is goin to make him wish he was dead with her godly size 9.5 sexy feet! this blond, blue eyed goddess will humiliate the tiny man, grab him between her massive toes, under them, holds him on her nylon between streched toes and teasing him to fall of the cliff if he dares!!! then, lisa will take off the nylons from her perfect legs, and drop the poor tiny teacher inside! she will wear him alive and you will get to see it all from a sepcial pov from inside her sweaty nylons! alot of camera angels, extreme close ups and pov's, and all along the way this amazing lady(one of the best i ever shoot with in my opinion) will degrade the tiny man with her soothing sexy voice and drive-you-crazy laughter! subs included!


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