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The Foreign Little Guy Part 3

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The Foreign Little Guy Part 3
Running Time:
7 minutes

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Description :     Angelique has to work late tonight. A foreign client has scheduled a giantess session and Chloe has asked her to take the appointment at her house. Angelique agrees and changes into her shortest white shorts and tiny purple tube top that barely contains her gigantic breasts. Angelique greets 39 at the door and convinces him to tell her his American name, Henry. What a coincidence as Angelique's boyfriend's name is Henry too! The session begins with Angelique taking Henry on a tour of her amazing giantess body. They start with her gigantic toes which are painted a shiny red finish. Henry continues to climb her silky smooth legs and finds a comfortable place on Angelique's lap. He admires her enormous chest and Angelique warns him to be careful - he could get lost in her cleavage and never find his way out! Next we see a tiny city just like the one where Henry lives. Angelique tells Henry that he better hide because she is about to have some fun crushing buildings and cars beneath her huge feet. Henry runs for cover and barely misses being crushed to death! A sudden phone call then helps to bring a few details to light and Angelique now decides to play out her own giantess fantasy! She has changed into a sexy white bra and matching thong panties. Henry the foreigner feels powerless and hardly knows what to do! Angelique demands that he kiss her but Henry is scared! She uses his tiny figure to explore her entire body, paying special attention to her secret place between her legs. Finally, Angelique tells foreign Henry that she knows he is really her boyfriend Henry in disguise. She tells him how much she loves playing out his giantess fantasies and he begs her to use him once more to pleasure herself and of course she agrees.

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