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Poor Little Peter Part 3

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Poor Little Peter Part 3
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Description :     This story takes you back to where it all began and how Peter became only 6 inches tall. Peter is a writer and arrives to see Chloe with a new script idea. Now seen through his eyes, Chloe introduces you to her friend and co-worker, Annalise. The two ladies show you their new shrinking remote but you doubt that it is real. They decide to demonstrate its power and reduce you to just 6� tall. They fight over who will get to keep you and you choose Annalise. You arrive home and she promises to take good care of you but soon her attitude changes. Too many of her friends have found out about you and now she has to kill you. She slowly slips on her spike high heel platforms for her weapon of choice and chases you around the room. It was all a game but she does want stash you away so her friends don't steal you. You come out of hiding to meet Bella. She wants to keep you and has so much fun playing with you and likes to keep you in a cage. Mya is lounging on the couch a notices you across the room. She doesn't want to hold you against your will but you insist on leaving only to be captured moments later by her. Annalise was right, all of her friends would love to kidnap you! The same thing happens when you meet Sister Superior too! Where will little Peter go and who will he chose to be his next cute and sexy owner?

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