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pests - SFX Epic

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pests - SFX Epic
Running Time:
14.00 Minutes

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Tags: sfx epic, ground-shakes, sound fx, crushes, vore, toes, soles, unaware, aware
Description :     The beautiful Goddess, Cheyenne jewel arrives home. little does she know about the tiny men & women infestation that plague her house! she roams the place, crushing some poor victims under her gigantic flip-flops. one poor man get crushed under her perfect ass. some of them get to worship her amazing soles, and some even manage to climb all the way up to the alluring gap in between her mountainous toes...Cheyenne is completely unaware to their pathetic existence..Until she notice them.that's where the real fun begins! Cheyenne crushes some poor tiny woman under her sexy big toe, and then uses a special device she crafted - a tiny pests tracker - in order to locate more of the poor insect-sized humanoids! she eat one, crush another in between her toes, and also under her big toe yet again!

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