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Running Time:
11 minutes

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Tags: Giantess, extreme close-up, POV, brunette, ass worship, arches, toes, feet, heels, shoes, shoes worship, stomping, legs
Description :     You've found your way into Cheyenne's house because you want to get as close as you can to the amazing Giantess. She discovers you, of course. You want her to. She wants to know what you're doing in her house,.. but she already knows. She threatens to stomp you with her spiked heels. You tremble at the thought of being squashed by her giant shoes. What it would be like to just crawl up inside her gigantic pumps. You love her feet and she knows it. You such a naughty little man. Cheyenne teases you with her soles, her heels, her toes. She lets you lick the bottom of her feet. How amazing! Next she taunts you with her gigantic ass. She might even let you crawl right up in there. Let you wiggle around in there. Ooo, the thought! You're so cute she decides to keep you,.. and you get your wish. She lets you hop right into her shoe. Away you go!

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