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Boys For Breakfast Unaware

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Boys For Breakfast Unaware
Running Time:
6.5 minutes

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Tags: sfx, vore, booty, crushing,
Description :     Starring the beautiful 18 year old Arie!

Arie’s hungry for breakfast and what better than a bowl of honey nut cheerios! Little does she know her brother and his friends have accidentally shrunk themselves and fought their way into her cereal box looking for food. Arie pours them out into her breakfast and places her ass squarely on a group of her brother’s friends who were stranded on her chair. The milk flows, the spoon rises, and with the growling of Arie’s stomach she unknowingly brings her brother and fourteen of his friends into her hungry wet mouth one by one!

- 15 shrunken people are devoured alive and an entire crowd ass crushed!
- Featuring extreme slow motion eating and incredible close ups!
- Digestive gurgling, thunderous chewing, and people screaming for help!
- Get sucked in by Arie’s puffy lips and slide across her tongue in her breakfast!
- Contains a surprise tease of Tristan's next upcoming film!

Hey there! I'm Katelyn Brooks' former main FX artist and web developer of over seven years. If you've enjoyed my work in the past (Midnight Goddess, Hungry Unaware Wife, Garden of a Giantess, Katelyn vs. Ant Men) and would like to see me continue making giantess films and building awesome giantess websites, then be sure to buy this clip today!

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