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olgas nylons and feet pov humiliation

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olgas nylons and feet pov humiliation
Running Time:
12 minutes

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Description :    

goddess olga is sitting at her xbf's bar! she still got the key from the time they were together, and now that she found out he cheated on her - she came for revenge! dressed with a sweat-soaked nylons, she is going to shrink him to a size so puny - he will be completly dominated and humiliated by her feet! first, olga is with nylons and sexy high-heels. then she takes of her shoes, and you can see her toes wiggling underneath, waiting to be smelled and worshiped, and then she takes them off to reveal her glistening, sweaty, french-pedicured feet at all their glory! a pov-femdom giantess clip style all the way!


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