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The dungeon mistress - sfx epic

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The dungeon mistress - sfx epic
Running Time:
32 Minutes

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Tags: pov, feet,
Description :     Caroline pierce is a sexy nerd. she's been playing dungeons & dragons for many years. when her asshole dungeon master decides to stay loyal to the rolls of the dice, and actually her level 20 character due to bad rolls, she gets pissed. really, really, pissed. furious, actually. Pouring a secret recipe on her sexy, petite toes, Caroline takes revenge to the next level. the poor dungeon master wakes up from his slumber with gorgeous feet right at his shocked face, wiggling toes crawling and forcing themselves into his mouth. at first, he is surprised. then he feels lucky and actually jokes about how he should'a her character ages ago if he only knew this is the prize he will get. And then - reality strikes. he is unable to move...he feels...strange...and he finds himself in a waking nightmare, where his own fate truly depends on the roll of the gigantic dices by the hands of his new, twisted Dungeon Mistress,

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