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Inside My Mouth

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Inside My Mouth
Running Time:
11 minutes

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Tags: Giantess, extreme close-up, POV, eyes, mouth, lips, gums, teeth, face fetish, mouth fetish, brunette, dirty�talk, tongue, throat, vore
Description :     You've just been captured by Giantess Cali. She's so excited to get a close look at you. Her big voice booms over you as she examines you from head to toe. She can't escape. You look good enough to eat. She is so beautiful! You just want to crawl up inside her big mouth, feel her big red lips envelope your tiny body. Her big beautiful white teeth glisten and flash as she tells you what she might do to you. You can hardly stand it as you see her mouth begin to water. You HOPE she decides to eat you. You cannot WAIT to be inside of her. She teases you with her tongue, her lips, her teeth, her uvula. Will you BE so lucky as to be gobbled up by this Goddess of a Giantess? -This video was shot with a macro lens, so the extreme close ups are incredibly clear & detailed!!

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