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dancers tiny fan

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dancers tiny fan
Running Time:
21 minutes

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Description :    

beautiful goddess Ella is entering her apartment, dressed in black open-toed-high-heels & a pair of painfully sexy nylons. she came back from dancing, somewhat annoyed for there is a fan that always bugs her and try to make moves on her. guess where is that fan now? hahahaha! underneath goddess Ella stinky and amazing french-pedicured toes! the tiny fan will suffer under toes sweat-soaked nylons, between toes, and will shrunk further to MICRO SIZE by the magical powers of goddess Ella! finally - he will get his punishment - he will go to dance "with" goddess Ella EVERY NIGHT, taped to her smelly toe, trapped inside her awesome nylons! clip shot from various different angels, including some glass-table views, POV from INSIDE the nylon, and super close-ups. Goddess Ella humiliates the tiny puny fan in English, Russian accent


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