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Forever chloes sfx epic

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Forever chloes sfx epic
Running Time:
20 minutes

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Description :    

Yes! you are not dreaming! it might be a dream come true - but it's real! the legendary, amazing, sexy and beautiful mistress CHLOE (THE chloe! yes!), one of the sexiest, pioneer giantess which fulfilled many of our shrinking fantasies years ago, is starring in a GSF special-effects epic - to take our fantasies to the next level!! chloe had a crush on one of the hunks at the college, and she found out that he have a foot-fetish. for gorgeous chloe - it was just perfect, for she certainly have some of the world's prettiest, perfectly pedicured feet! she invite him to her home for a drink, and plan to seduce him with her stunning toes(pov). chloe is one possessive lady - in a sick way...she pour a shrinking potion into his drink before serving it to him...once he will get into a certain level of sexual excitement - he will shrink down, and chloe will have him as her tiny pedicure slave. FOREVER. watch as the lucky/poor man gets absolutely dominated by chloe's legendary, divine feet. he can't help but touching himself beneath her sweet soles and perfect toes. as the clip goes further - he shrinks more and more, and when he is too small to serve chloe's wrinkled soles - she let him lick her long toenails clean! chloe grabs him between gigantic, lovely fingers and contemplating about eating him, making him a part of her forever...she ditch the idea - she likes him as a foot slave too much...but she might indeed make him her own personal foot-germ!!! one of the sexiest, hottest clips we've ever done. script, photography directions & special-effects by gsfcreator, and starring a true goddess's huge name in the giantess market - any giantess/shrinking/feet fan would go crazy over this one. includes tons of feet, open-toed-shoes, pov, shrinking, soles, toes, micro-shrink, extreme-close-ups, between-toes action, and amazing, realistic special effects. a dream come true - being mistress chloe's eternal slave!


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