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Pinning Penny Part 8

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Pinning Penny Part 8
Running Time:
7 minutes

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Description :     Penny is wandering around lost and dazed, barefoot in a sarong and a bikini. She has been wandering around for hours, completely lost in the jungle, and needs to take a nap. She removes her sarong and uses it as a blanket to lay down on. Soon she is fast asleep. We start to see tiny little military men moving all around her, making her look giant as their little bodies begin to tie her up with tiny ropes. She stirs in her sleep until she finally wakes up to realize she is helpless. Outraged, she breaks free from her ropes, not sure what to do about the tiny people. She collects them in a pile and decides to torture them, since she is so much bigger than them. She feels a sharp pain in her back, and passes out from a tranquilizer bullet fired by one of the mini men. She is again tied up in tiny ropes while she sleeps. This time when she wakes up, she shows no mercy on the mini men, squashing them with her giant teeth, and crushing them under her enormous feet. She gathers them in her sarong and carries them off into the jungle.

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