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The Oedipal Shrinking Man

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The Oedipal Shrinking Man
Running Time:
21 Minutes

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Tags: GIANTESS, pov, mother fantasy,
Description :     This is a POV custom request. Giantess Deeane is an Italian-American mother of Giacomo, a perverted son with Oedipus Complex (attraction for his mom). Deeane catches him spying on her, while she's on her bed in underwear. Pretending to be angry, she drives him off the bedroom, but she secretly loves to humiliate him and his perversions so... Later on, she gives him a shrinking potion that will cause him to shrink a bit every time he has an erotic thought about her.

Throughout the movie, Deeane keeps mocking his tiny cock and his ineptitude with women. At some point, he even tries to stab her in her sleep... But only succeeds in being further humiliated. She compels him to massage her feet and reminds him of his humiliating past, by reading his secret diary in front of him.

As he keeps shrinking, she tells him his height is getting adequate to his dick size and she keeps hitting him with the parts of her body that are at his height (her boobs, her butt, etc...) - until finally, when he's small enough, she decides to eat him. Despite being a POV video, this movie has a unique atmosphere provided by involving background music and audio effects, not to mention an outstanding acting performance by Giantess Deeane

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