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Loryelle’s Garden Warfare – Part THREE (with audio fx)

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Loryelle’s Garden Warfare – Part THREE (with audio fx)
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Tags: Giantess, Military, Army, Loryelle, crush, Foot Play, Foot humiliation,Foot Goddess, Dirty Feet
Description :     This is part 3 of 3 – last line of defense. General Plot: I’ve shrunken a nearby army base, because it was very noisy so I couldn’t concentrate on my science work. Now the tiny soldiers are on the run in my garden and built up three makeshift outposts. I’m going to wipe them out, one after another with my smelly giant bare feet. Part THREE: I found there last line of defense. I play around with them using my hand and feet. I also take one in my mouth and spit him out. I make myself comfortable and place my feet direct on their outpost and watch the helpless little soldiers, before I squish every single one of them and every building and car I can find. Finally a tiny tank returns from patrol and will be degraded to my foot toy. ;-) I got often ask for military scenarios with soldiers and tiny tanks. If you are into foot humiliation of army guys, this one is for you. ;-)

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