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Foot Session Reduction

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Foot Session Reduction
Running Time:
12 Minutes

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Tags: Pov, shoes, feet, shrinking, boots, leggings
Description :     You're a escort/dom who I've seen a bunch of times for sessions and we always do foot fetish/giantess/mild degradation role play where I lay on ground and you "step on me" with your big feet. You then tell me that this time you've found a way to actually shrink me but that its reversible and while tiny I'm invulnerable to being actually squished to death. You even take off your heel to show me a "special pedicure" (don't care on color or anything lol, just for effect)" you got just for me for this session and then you put your shoe back on. You tell me it'll be extra "tiny man" and of course I pay immediately. So you tell me you're going to get into "character" before you start shrinking me. As I'm shrinking you're telling me how you can't wait till I'm tiny and how exciting it's going to be stomp me in the ground like the little worthless bug I am. You shrink me all way down to just 1 inch tall. You ask me if I like the view from way down there tiny man and you hope I enjoy this special session. You tell me to get ready because it's stomping time for little man on the floor. You tell me how pathetic I am for wanting to be a tiny bug under your feet and that I am lucky to be underfoot of such a beautiful goddess such as yourself. You start with stomping on me repeatedly with your heels on and asking me how does it feel to be getting stepped on like a bug under my shoes. You then take off your heels and we get a straight on perspective again. You then tell me how disgusting I am for liking your feet so much and how bugs like me should only ever be under the feet of beautiful women such as yourself. At this point you mostly are just stepping on me repeatedly with your bare feet and telling me how pathetic I am and how much I like to get stepped on by women's feet and how you enjoy stepping on me like a tiny bug. You tell me that it would fun if you invited your escort and stripper friends over and had a big stomping party. And how at the party every girl would take turns stepping on me in their heels and their bare sweaty/smelly feet after they've been dancing all night. You tell me how it would funny to put you in one of your stripper friends heels while she danced all night and that I would deserve to be getting stomped to death by stripper feet all night. (The entire time you are saying this the POV is still mostly feet over cam with occasional switches to front perspective when u demonstrate how all girls would be stomping on my by stomping your foot on ground and doing it in your heel as well). You tell it would be like my own personal foot party, only it'd be a stomp on tiny bug man foot party. You tell me how you could invite a few of your girlfriends over as well and let them take turns stepping on me until I was a squished pathetic little bug under their and your beautiful feet. (Suzi Joins in in the last part of this video) For last bit of session its mostly feet POV over cam again and you tell me that you lied about me being invulnerable and that the invulnerabiltity wears off but being tiny is permanent and that since I am so pathetic and you are such a perfect beautiful goddess with perfect goddess feet, soles and toenails that it's only right that my life should end under your feet. You tell me that this will be our last session little tiny man and you tell me that your going to stomp on me one final time and that as your stepping on my i need to thank you for the privelage to die under your dom's beautiful feet. You tell me I won't know which stomp will be the final stomp that ends me but that you're going to keep stomping me till I am paste under your foot. It ends with you stepping on cam over and over with one final stomp.

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