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Hide Guys! Trapped in my Giant Stepmom’s Room SFX

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Hide Guys! Trapped in my Giant Stepmom’s Room SFX
Running Time:
17 minutes

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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, unaware, stepmom, tiny men, crush
Description :    

Unaware Giantess Stepmom

I’m on holiday with my stepson, that we can get to know each other better. At least that is, what his father thinks.

While my worthless stepson celebrates his birthday with his friends, involving a lot of alcohol, I’m out to get ingredients for shrink pills. My plan is to shrink my stepson and his unfaithful father and let them disappear, so that I inherit his millions.

When I come back, I think I’m alone in my hotel room, but I’m not. My stepson and his loser friends, went there before to loot all the beer out of my mini bar. They also discovered the shrink pills in my bed table, which they mistook for drugs and threw them in.

While I sit down to write a letter to my stepdaughter, who is the only one involved in my plan, the first shrunken guys get squished by my butt and my sweaty feet. As soon as they realize, that they are not hallucinating, but really got shrunk, they try to get my attention.

I write my stepdaughter in detail my plans of how I’m going to have fun with her shrunken father and brother and encourage her to join me on that.

Meanwhile many of my stepson’s friends get squished under the smelly, mountainous toes and soles of his unaware giantess stepmom. Others gets devoured when I eat a cookie.

At the end I squish my stepson, who tries to run away, under my massive sole, without even knowing it.

This quick sfx clip contains many crushes of tiny men by my red painted bare feet. A short butt crush scene, one finger crush and two vore scenes.

Enjoy guys!


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