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Lynn's shrunken cities - SFX Epic

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Lynn's shrunken cities - SFX Epic
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, sfx, shrunken cities, special effects, foot fetish, toes, soles, ground shakes, butt crush
Description :     Lynn is a talented and quite a crazy scientist. one day, after getting tired of shrinking mere men and women and tormenting them here and there, she decide that its not enough for her. she developed a device that allows her to shrink and teleport ENTIRE CITIES! this Epic video is all about shrunken cities being destroyed by an enormous, sexy goddess. among the scenes inside: * a city crushed under butt. * city under flip-flop crush. * under heel crush. * under palm crush. * under toes crush. * city shrinking to micro. * city being destroyed by a rain of sand from Lynn's toes (that is actually like a meteor rain for the poor, micro people!) * some tiny people try to fight back by throwing fireballs at Lynn's massive toes. * ground stomps and shakes. * some more extras ;)

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