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Thieves of the Shrinking Formula SFX POV

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Thieves of the Shrinking Formula SFX POV
Running Time:
11:20 minutes

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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, Loryelle, crush, boot crush,
Description :    

These boots a made for crushing

I catch another scientist, who tries to steal my shrinking formula. What he doesn’t know, I don’t need a formula, I have magic powers, because I am a witch. I shrink him instantly down to half an inch and put him to his colleagues on the table.

My judgement for all of them: guilty! I decide to squish those ant sized little thieves one after another under my huge knee high leather boots, while I do some humiliation talk about how worthless they are. Whenever the sole of my boot meets the table and a tiny man got in between, all that remains is a little red stain. That is fun!
At the end of the clip, I put one boot off and force a tiny woman to climb into my smelly boot for an in boot crush.

If you have a weakness for black leather boots, this is a must have clip for you.


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