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My Bratty Stepdaughter Shrunk her Teachers SFX

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My Bratty Stepdaughter Shrunk her Teachers SFX
Running Time:
19 minutes

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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, foot domination, foot humiliation, Loryelle, micro, socks, vore, crush
Description :    

Bratty Giantess Girl crushes her Teachers and her Stepfather

My stepfather is principal at my school. I’m a bratty girl. One day he enters the room to ground me for my bad behavior in school, but I mixed some shrinking tonic in the beverages on a teacher meeting in our house. When I come down for breakfast, I find all my shrunken teachers and my stepdaddy on the breakfast table. Now I’m a bratty giantess girl for them. What a fun!

The first two gets butt crushed by me. Then I put some jam on my toast, with two teachers on it and take a good bite of the toast. Another teacher is swimming in my juice. I drink him.

I take off my sneakers and put my socked feet on the table to humiliate my teachers with the horrible smell of my sweaty sneakers and stinky socks. Haha, how rude!

My stepdaddy tries to get my attention with climbing my giantess’ socked foot, but he falls down. Ouch!

I’m not that much hungry, so I decide to grind my art and physics teachers deep into the toast with my sweaty socked foot. Only a blood stain remains from them.

I put one sock off and find some sock lint. Some teachers gets endangered when I carelessly remove the sock lint from in between my toes. They are huge as boulders for them.

My sports teacher gets crushed on the donut by my bare foot.

Then I decide to stand up on the table, so that those tiny teacher pests can see my enormous size compared to them. I squish some of them under my feet.

I decide to crush a couple on the donut, this time with my sweaty sock foot.

Finally I hunt my shrunken stepdaddy down, who has survived this until now. I catch him and throw him in my sneaker, before I put it back on. This includes some pretty in-shoe shots.

If you like to see socks and barefeet on food, and want to see many humiliating crushes by a bratty giantess stepdaughter, this clip is totally for you!

This clip contains many sfx close-ups and pov shots of me performing sock and barefoot crushes of tiny men, a vore and a drink scene and an in-shoe crush.


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