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A Dozen Crushes for a Hotel Room SFX

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A Dozen Crushes for a Hotel Room SFX
Running Time:
34 minutes

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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, foot domination, Loryelle, unaware, butt crush, finger crush, aware,
Description :    

Revenge on the shrunken hotel staff for giving away my room

As I come to the hotel, where I booked a room, I get told, that my room has already been given away to a famous actor couple. I am so upset, that I decide to shrink the hotel staff and take my room anyways. What I don’t know, is that my anger was big enought, to shrink all the residents, too. Some of them are now captured in my room at their shrunken size.

I go to my room and take the five most important members of the hotel management in my handbag with me. I want to have my fun with them and take my revenge. On my way I crush one guy of the cleaning guard unaware under my shoe. Then I take a seat on the bed and put the shrunken staff members with my gigantic hand out of my handbag.

First I vore the lift boy, then I force the others to pamper and worship my tired, smelly feet, while I make myself comfortable on the bed. Some do not survive this, as they get squished between my gigantic toes and under my soles.

As I inspect the room, I accidently crush another staff member under my titanic ass.

Shrunken actor couple gets humiliated by their giantess compeditor

I’m very surprised to find out, that I know the famous actor couple, my room was given to, very well. It is Burt and Mary, old intimate enemies of me. Now I have great fun and the story turns bloody. 12 persons lose their life mostly aware, some unaware in this giantess hotel massacre. After all I am very satisfied with my stay in that hotel and would recommend it. Haha!

If you like to see shoe crush, many barefoot crushes, finger crushes, hand crush, butt crushes, vore, a lot of tiny men/women humiliation and a scenario of aware and unaware action you will love this movie! The tinies start at a size of 1 inch and shrink down during the clip to a size of ½ inch.

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