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Prisoners of the Tights Enchantress SFX

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Prisoners of the Tights Enchantress SFX
Running Time:
30 minutes

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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, foot domination, foot humiliation, Loryelle, crush, pantyhose, pantyhose entrapment, tights, nylon, nylons
Description :    

Giantess Tights Enchantress

Michael and his friend Derek had a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Because of nightfall and bad weather, they are looking for help in a spooky mansion. Everywhere are tights and nylons on the wall and the air is filled with a strange smell. The nylons seem to whisper to them.

Suddendly a tall woman appears on the stairs. Derek is instantly spellbound by the strange woman, while Michael is afraid and wants to leave, but not without his friend. They take a welcome drink they get offered. When they realize, that they are captured in the house of the notorious giantess Tights Enchantress, it’s already too late for them.

They shrink down to 5 inches! On every contact with the enchantress’ nylons, they shrink a bit more. They learn, that hundreds of men are already victims of the Tights Enchantress, captured in the meshes of her nylons, constantly shrinking into nothing to finally become part of them. As the nylons with her tiny prisoners are everywhere, the giantess Tights Enchantress crushes some of them careless under her feet or just sit on them with her mighty ass.

Michael and Derek are now her victims, too. She toys with them on her bed. She wears no slip, so they see her giant pussy and butt shimmering through her skin-colored tights. She throws one of the shrunken friends in her tights and force him to lick her pussy until she has a climax, while the other is helplessly captured in one of her nylons and has to watch.

Then it’s Michael’s turn to pleasure her, while Derek has to endure the smell of her nylon covered feet.

In permanent contact with her nylons, the two friends are constantly shrinking until they are only ½ inch tall … will Michael and Derek find away to escape the Tights Enchantress?

Find it out now!

For nylons and tights fans

This clip is a story driven custom clip, and has a very unique atmosphere, I’m very proud of. I had a lot of fun playing the wicked Tights Enchantress. You will totally love it, when you are into giantess’ nylons, tights and pantyhose.

Main focus of this clip is pantyhose entrapment with pussy worshipping by tiny men and a giantess using them for her masturbation. nylon feet worshipping and tiny men humiliation are also part of the story.

Some unaware scenes with a barefoot crush, a high heel crush, a butt crush and several nylon feet crushes of tiny men are also included.

Size 5 inch shrinking down to approx ½ inch.


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