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Kerri Taylor Magic Shoe Growth

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Kerri Taylor Magic Shoe Growth
Running Time:
9 minutes

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Tags: Growth, POV, Giantess, MEGA GIANTESS, shoes, clothes rip, crush, city crush, Kerri Taylor
Description :     I would like a growth clip shot with Kerri Taylor. All the general growth scenes (shirt busting, clothes ripping, etc.) but ideally the video would focus on the feet/shoes. Clothes: Button up blouse, tight pants (spandex, etc.), high heels. Shoes will grow with Kerri until she is mega sized and then burst off. Story: Kerri is lamenting at how her life is too ordinary when she receives a package in the mail. It is a pair of high heels that have a message with them alluding to them giving her power in some way (message need not be anything specific). When she puts the shoes on she grows. Every time she thinks about getting bigger she grows more. She grows out of her house, squashes a few people. Throw in a few lines about how she loves these shoes and loves being a giantess. Then she decides to become massive. She bursts out of the shoes and goes into a never ending growth spurt as she outgrows the planet. In total probably 4 growth instances. For video length, I think 7-10 minutes should cover it.

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