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Giantess Loryelle’s Micro Plane Massacre SFX

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Giantess Loryelle’s Micro Plane Massacre SFX
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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, butt crush, panty worship, foot worship, foot fetish, foot humiliation
Description :    

Giantess shrinks an Airplane

My darling decides to go on a short trip with his golf buddies instead of celebrating our one year jubelee. Bad decision. I use my shrink gun to shrink his plane with the whole golf club in it and force it to an emergency landing.

First I butt crush the little plane, that there is no escape. Then I have fun with my micro darling and his shrunken golf buddies. This is my way of breaking up.

Some of them get butt crushed or squished under my giantess feet. The survivors have some humiliating work to do. I force them to climb and worship my titanic, soft ass and also my crotch. This turns me on.

Some others have to worship my mountainous feet and building sized toes and have to clean up under my toe nails. Many get squished because I’m carless and my body is a dangerous place for micro people.

In their despair the tinies built the word help with their tiny bodies to beg for mercy.

Find out, how much mercy they can expect from an evil giantess goddess like me.

If you like to see some giantess butt crushes and footworship by micro people, a lot of tiny men/women humiliation in an aware scenario you will love this video! The tinies are at the size of ½ inch. The clip contains barefoot crushes, butt crushes, hand and finger crushes, boobs and panty worshipping.

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