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These Boots were made for Crushing 2

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These Boots were made for Crushing 2
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Tags: Pov, Cali Logan, Boots, crush, military, giantess, building destruction
Description :     Custom: - I really like the dialogue so she should talk a lot about how she can’t believe how much fun she is having being a giant monster, how good the people taste to her, how easy it is to just destroy everything, and constantly teasing the city/people that she can do whatever she wants and get away with it. - Scenes where she picks up cars and toys with them with her fingers before eating or crushing them -A large city with multiple tall buildings -POV scene where she plays cat and mouse with a helicopter that’s trying to stop her and catches it so she can eat the people inside -Scene, where she picks up a train that is trying to escape, eats the people inside and crushes it -The parts where she destroys the city should include a lot of hard crushes, kicking over buildings, and throwing parts of buildings at the military and people below. -A good number of handheld POV vore scenes with a mix of scenes where she picks you up erotically licks her lips, slowly licks you, teases you, laughs evilly, and kisses you before eating you Ending scene should have her lying down in the rubble of the city throwing debris around while laughing evilly and mentioning how she can’t believe how fun/easy it was destroying an entire city and can’t wait to take over the world.

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