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Prelude - Size Dimension - Season 1

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Prelude - Size Dimension - Season 1
Running Time:
32 minutes

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Tags: GIANTESS SPECIAL EFFECTS, SHRINKING FETISH, FOOT DOMINATION, NUDITY/NAKED, FOOT FETISH Keywords: anastasia rose, kitty catherine, jason ninja, size dimension, prelude, sfx, gts, epic, feet, nipple, sex, crush, brat girls, Giantess Special FX, Sound, Music
Description :     Play Video Welcome to our brand new epic feature length series "SIZE DIMENSION". A 13 part series. Shot in cinematic style, fully scripted and edited with great detail. These are story driven episodes, so don't expect pure fetish the entire time. kick back and enjoy the series!

Episode 0 - Prelude

This is the beginning. The backstory of how the planet Xanth was consumed by a star "Epsilon" sending all of it's inhabitants through time and space, ending on the Planet Earth in a new Dimension. The tiny Xanthians must battle all sorts of odds to survive as they find themselves in dire situations at the mercy of the giant Earthlings.


Anastasia is 20 year old woman who has struggled mightily in her love life. Her bff Kitty has always been a shoulder for her to cry on and tonight may be her lucky night. She finally has a date all set with a hot new prospect!

At the same time, on planet Xanth, Jexx was watching TV when a massive interstellar event happened. He awakens in a dark place. Not knowing where he is, how small he's become, or what is in store for him.

Maybe, just maybe this is the love Anastasia has been yearning for. Whether he likes it or not.

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