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Room Service - Size Dimension - Ep. 1 - Season 1

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Room Service - Size Dimension - Ep. 1 - Season 1
Running Time:
20 Minutes

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Tags: raven rae, soles, toes, mouth fetish, lips, barefoot, size dimension, avn, sfx
Description :     After the merging of the two dimensions. The inhabitants of Planet Xanth have found themselves in all sorts of sticky predicaments on Earth. Shrunken to all sorts of tiny sizes they are now at great risk.

The world Governments have no way of controlling human behavior and soon many are taking advantage of the tiny Xanthians.

Companies are selling them as food, toys, playthings and more. In The US, the Government has sanctioned a top secret surveillance program. Tracking how Xanthians are being treated.

Stage one is to collect data from various sources before coming up with a plan to perhaps save these tiny beings from certain extinction.

We head to Las Vegas where Sin city lives up to it's name. The city where anything goes, and in this case, eating Xanthians has become the "in thing". Many of the hotels have jumped on the new fad of offering Xanthians as room service. Humans flock to the Strip to try out this new craze!

Satellite scanning picks up on Raven Rae. An LA based Dominatrix, currently visiting Las Vegas to attend the AVN awards. She's had a big night and soon will awaken hungover and hungry.

A slight mishap gives a glimpse of hope to some of the Xanthians to escape. However Raven's booming footsteps keep getting louder and louder.

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