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Gym Buddies: Size Dimension Ep2 - Season 1

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Gym Buddies: Size Dimension Ep2 - Season 1
Running Time:
15 minutes

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Tags: GIANTESS SPECIAL EFFECTS, CRUSH, UNAWARE GIANTESS, FOOT FETISH, VORE Keywords: naomi swann, 18 & 19 year olds, soles, toes, size dimension, gym buddies, yoga pants, butt crush, eating, c4smay4th18, barefoot, sneakers, female domination, shrinking, toes
Description :     Episode 2 - Gym Buddies

The new world the Xanthians find themselves in is cruel and unforgiving. While the government is aware of what has happened, many humans are still unaware of the new tiny inhabitants of their planet. Many go about their daily routines totally blind to the tiny Xanthians beneath their feet.

Young Naomi, an 18 year old daughter of General Swann, goes about her day. She enjoys going to the gym, keeping herself fit. Her father hasn't told her about the Xanthians plight as yet.

She turns up at the gym ready for a vigorous work out. Many Xanthians have found themselves scattered around the gym area.

Unfortunately for them. Naomi is totally unaware they are there. There is no escaping the massacre to come.

Starring: Naomi Swann

Episode Includes: Special FX, Sound FX, music, multiple foot crush (Sneaker & barefoot), 2x Vore, 1x butt crush. Unaware mostly with 2 aware crushes.

PS Watch after the credits end!;)

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