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Giantess Attack: A Microcity in Panic SFX

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Giantess Attack: A Microcity in Panic SFX
Running Time:
34 minutes

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Tags: micro city, mega, giantess, feet, foot fetish, crush, special effects, sfx, mega giantess
Description :    

Two sides of the same event: Just me relaxing on a balcony…

I travel to Italy and finally arrive in my hotel. After a glass of wine I stroll around on the hotel’s balcony and enjoy the beautiful landscape. It’s beautiful there, so I sit down and relax a bit.

Just the many strange insects are annoying… I step on some of them and I also taste them… ;-)

The other side: A Mega Giantess devastates a Micro City

After a giant bee attack in the last year, government has decided to start a program called “giantess for defense” They want to grow normal sized woman to giantesses, so that they can fight any enemy that threatens the city.

They are proud to announce, that they finally had success and can let normal sized women grow to the size of a skyscraper.

Suddendly the city gets attacked by a huge giantess. The outsent helicopters do their best to distract the giantess and also start to evacuate the citizens.

Unfortunately the destruction of whole city blocks happens within seconds under the giantess’ feet. So the president decided to initiate the defense program in it’s early phase, even knowing that this will cause some collaterial damage to his precious city. He sends Giantesses Alpha and Giantess Beta against the new thread.

Will the Giantess Defense Squad save the micro city from total destruction?

Find out in this new, exciting movie. ;-)

What you may expect

This clip contains many, many barefoot crushes of buildings, military helicopters and people. Also in some beautiful pov shots where you stand in the city I’m going to crush under my feet. A few vore scenes, where I lick micro people from my index finger and a guy sitting on my molar. I also wipe out a whole city block with a beautiful butt crush. :-)

My first Micro City Movie

I often got asked to do a Micro City movie, so I thought, it’s time to find out, what I can do, with all the skills I’ve learned over the past year. So I reached deep into my bag of tricks to bring you this movie with a lot of destruction happening and an epic soundtrack. :-)

I’m very proud on the final result, as it is not a multi million dollar production. So I really hope you enjoy it and if you do, please spread your word or send me some feedback.

You may also support me on patreon. Then we find out what I can do with a bit of a buget. ;-)


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