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Shrinking Fantasy Gone Wrong SFX

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Shrinking Fantasy Gone Wrong SFX
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: Shrinking, Giantess, Special FX, Music, Sound FX, Body crawling, hand held, foot rub, foot crush, stomping
Description :     When Amethyst's boyfriend tells her he's found a special potion that will enable him to fulfill his ultimate fantasy of shrinking , she is all for it. She encourages him to go ahead with his dream and then they can have some sexy time alone at his new tiny size! She asks him one final time if he's sure he wants to do it. he says he is sure and gulps down the fluid. It doesn't take long till he feels weird. His sight goes fuzzy as he stumbles around the room. Before Amethyst knows it her boyfriend is shrinking before her eyes! He ends up on a few inches tall by her feet. She loves his new size as she picks him up to analyze him closer. She puts him on the table and asks if he'll give her sore tired feet a massage after they've been in heels all day. He obliges for a bit then she leaves the room to get into something sexy for their special night. She returns in some lingerie and picks him up putting him on her body. She encourages him to crawl up her body where she can kiss him. They are interrupted by his phone going off, it;s a text message from another girl. Amethyst comes to the conclusion he's been cheating on her and now at his new size, he's in BIG trouble!!

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