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The Tables keep on Turning

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The Tables keep on Turning
Running Time:
36 Minutes

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Tags: Pov, Meagan Jones, Nadia Whaite, crush, boobs, shoes, giantess, Mega, feet, crush, shrinking
Description :     Custom Request: Meagan Jones and Nadia White Star in this. Meagan steals a shrink/grow ray and invites a couple that disrespected her and shrinks them, She shrinks Gary more and makes Nadia crush him. Meagan makes herself in a giantess and is having fun but tiny Nadia finds the shrink/grow ray and makes herself into a Mega Giantess. Turns out forcing Nadia to crush her boyfriend has made her crazy and she takes it out on millions of people and of course Meagan but before crushing Meagan she forces Meagan to crush, eat, sit on people and crush cars etc. Finally Meagan finds the tiny Ray gun and turns Nadia back to normal and cruishes her between her boobs and then makes herself MEGA.

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