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Loryelle’s Hostile Takeover SFX (COMPLETE) (1080p)

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Loryelle’s Hostile Takeover SFX (COMPLETE) (1080p)
Running Time:
40 minutes

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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, foot domination, foot humiliation, Loryelle, vore, crush
Description :    

Mini Giantess, don’t mess with Giantess Loryelle

A local construction company has the order to refurbish my attic. When the half work is done, the female boss of the company tells me, it will cost about 50% more, or they won’t finish the work.

What she doesn’t know, I’ve already expected such a trick, as I’ve heared rumours about this company before. I have an own construction company and I don’t want her to harm the good reputation of the local industry any longer. So it is time to shrink the boss and all of her employees for a hostile takeover Loryelle style. ;-)

Part ONE – Intense Foot Worshipping of my Giantess’ Smelly Feet

I put the boss and her employees on the table. She is still 2.5 inches tall, while I’ve shrunken her employees down to 1/2 inch of size. So she is a mini giantess to them but a tiny woman compared to me.

I advice the tiny boss and her emplyees to worship my giant sweaty and smelly feet for punishment. I give them commands of how I want them to pamper my feet and demand them to climb my massive sole and crawl between my toes to clean them. So a tiny man has to polish my toenail and another one has to remove all the dirt from under the tonail of my big toe. The poor guys have to clean my gigantic heel and the toejam and socklints from in between my sweaty toes. Meanwhile I squish some of them for my pleasure. A few gets eaten alive. A few tiny men managed to escape to the floor, where they get squished mostly unnoticed under my dirty, stinky toes.

What will happen to the tiny big boss? Find out in part one.

Part TWO – Many Foot Crushes on the Floor

After the excessive foot worship, there are still some survivors left, which I blow down from the table. They are now on my carpet, which I call my “hostile takeover arena”. The poor tiny guys have the choice to either join my construction company or fight for their tiny lives against me. If they manage to overwhelm me, I promise to let them free. The half inch men obviously have no chance against my mountain sized feet, so I squish one after another and twist them out with my giant sweaty feet. It makes me so hot, that I can crush those shrunken men so easily, that I can’t stop. So I step on almost every single one of them for my personal enjoyment. Only two of them have the honor to get devoured by me for curiosity.

A lot of Feet and a bit of Vore – Which Version should I get?

The full story is 40 minutes long, so I’ve split it up into two parts. Now you can decide, if one part is enough entertainment for one evening or if you want to enjoy the full story for a lower price per minute.

Part ONE on and below the table. You will enjoy it, if you like to see intense foot worshipping performed by tiny guys and a mini giantss. Some tiny guys worshipping my heels, climbing my wrinkled soles, crawling around my toes, some barefoot squishes, a finger crush and two vore scenes, plus a mini giantess.

Part TWO on the floor. You will enjoy it, if you like to see many barefoot squishes, stomping and twisting out tiny men. It also contains some POV shots of my giant feet coming down on your little face and two vore scenes.

Complete Edition is Part ONE and Part TWO combined. It has all the good stuff in it. ;-)

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