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DarkHeart's Chronicles - chapter I: Insane (VR360 audio story)

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DarkHeart's Chronicles - chapter I: Insane (VR360 audio story)
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot fetish, boot worship, 3d renders, VR360 stereo, feet joi, SW, cum countdown, hand-held, pov, virtual reality
Description :     ***Narrated by April Would***

This video is a stereoscopic over-&-under VR360 projection. this means you won't only have a full 360 view, but also the illusion of 3D depth. please make sure you have a VR set and the right software to fully enjoy this experience! feel free to email me for help

I'm extremely excited to release my latest work, after making the decision to dive back into 3D rendering and a few months in my oven. this time, I think I've created the most immersive experience I have yet to create. It's a rendered images story, with a touch of animations here and there (you'll see ;) ), delivered in full 360VR stereoscopic view. if you have a VR set, please dive in and let me know what you think :)

You find yourself passing through a dimly-lit corridor in the dorms of your gorgeous ex-girlfriend. you are engaged now, but somehow you two got in touch and you thought to yourself you might have one last adventure with her before committing for a lifetime with the same woman. you love your fiancée, and this feels so wrong, and yet, you haven't been this excited for ages. you always thought your ex was Insane, in her own kinky, twisted way. this visit won't be an innocent one.
Well, it might go slightly beyond your expectations, though...

without revealing too much, if you're into female domination, seduction, tease & denial, boot worship, shrinking, stomps, extreme pov, SW, evil giantess, crush, feet joi, a stunning female voice narration, and generally - into REALLY feeling how its like to be shrunken down by a gorgeous, yet INSANE woman, just buy this video, plug in your VR gear, and enjoy the mind-blowing ride.

This is the only the beginning of what I'm aiming to be one of my most Epic creations. Darkheart keeps incarnating and I'm planning chapter II at this very moment.

I thank & appreciate each and every of you that supports my work and allow me to keep on growing as an artist. cya on chapter II! <3 :)

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