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Helplessly Exposed to a Giant Goddess SFX (1080p)

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Helplessly Exposed to a Giant Goddess SFX (1080p)
Running Time:
21 minutes

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Tags: micro city, mega, giantess, feet, foot fetish, crush, special effects, sfx, mega giantess, butt crush, breast crush
Description :    

Micro City – the perfect cure for a bad week

I had a bad week and I’m furious about it. So I visit my sister in her alchemy laboratory and ask her for a medicine, that I’m not getting angry on trifles anymore.

She has the best medicine I can imagine. A micro city full of tiny slaves.

She tells me I can do with them, what I want. Force them to worship me as a goddess, crush them with my butt and my feet, if I want that.

Evil Giant Goddess has Fun

I take the box with the micro city with me and release the worthless little micro slaves in my room, as I know they are too small to escape anywhere. Some of them are down at the floor at my gigantic feet and the city is on the table.

I humiliate those tiny creatures and force them to worship my feet to rescue their friends in the city. Some get crushed under my toes and I totally enjoy it.

The mayor of the micro city send out some helicopters to rescue their people but they have no chance against a giant goddess like me. Their attacks tickle me and I love when the helicopters burst at my toes. Of course, this doesn’t keep me from squishing those worthless micro slaves worshipping my feet. I moan as I love squishing them.

I sit down on my bed and butt crush some more tiny guys with my titanic ass.

But I keep the best part until the end: Crushing the micro city. Some skyscrapers explode between my gigantic boobs, before I sit on the micro city and bury it under my mighty soft ass. The last survivors get crushed under my toes.

Foot Worship, Butt Crushes and Breast Crush

This clip shows many micro people cleaning my toenails, worshipping my gigantic toes, and getting squished by them in very detailed close-ups. There are also some POV scenes shown. It also contains several butt crushes, including a buttcrush, as well es a breast crush of the micro city at the final part.

If you like feet and butt (and micro city, micro people and micro helicopters) you must have it! ;-)


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