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darkheart Chronicles - chapter II: Inside

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darkheart Chronicles - chapter II: Inside
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Tags: giantess, foot fetish, VR360, worn shoes, dirty socks, filthy feet, JOI, toejob, crush, in shoe, 3D, audio narration
Description :     Narrated by April Would

This video is a stereoscopic over-&-under VR360 projection. this means you won't only have a full 360 view, but also the illusion of 3D depth. please make sure you have a VR set and the right software to fully enjoy this experience! feel free to email me for help. that being said, it can also be viewed on your desktop + using the mouse to roam around the VR space, with the right VR player software.

The waited chapter II of darkheart is finally here! 3D rendered graphics in a 360VR stereo that will blow your mind away!

After seducing you into her dorm room, shrinking you and unveiling her twisted surprise for you, you became a broken, terrified slave of a mysterious, beautiful and yet Insane and evil girl. she used to be your girlfriend once, but she calls herself Darkheart now.

you are trapped inside your cage, moving between a nightmarish reality and troubled sleep, as the earth starts to tremble and you wake up to the return of your true goddess. she's wearing an extremely worn pair of sneakers and filthy socks....and she got a surprise for you...;)

without revealing too much, If you liked chapter Ii and you're into what I create, this one will blow your mind away you'll find inside:

30+ minutes of Audio narration by the Amazing April would.

Ground shakes and booming sounds.
hend held.
dirty shoes.
stinky worn socks
filthy feet!
toe-job (kind of...you'll see :) )

More shrinking!
In-shoe extreme pov & JOI
toes wiggling
VR360 images & animated sequences, In stereo (for 3d depth)

This is chapter II of what I'm aiming to be one of my most Epic creations. Darkheart keeps incarnating and I'm planning chapter III at this very moment.

I thank and appreciate each and every of you that supports my work and allow me to keep on growing as an artist. cya on chapter III! :)

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